Wildlife Paintings on Drift Wood

Alexandra Garkotina is a celebrated wildlife artist in Russia from a small village near the city of Murmansk on the White Sea. Her workshop and studio is filled with the materials for the unique medium for her original paintings: natural driftwood that she obtains from the shores where it accumulates after the reoccurring winter's storms! Each piece of driftwood is dried, sanded, and kept as close to its original color and shape as possible. She then paints each piece with her realistic animals, presenting a unique form of wildlife art from Russia with love!

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind hand-painted piece of original art. Her rural village, its closeness to nature and the wilds, inspires her work everyday; but she also enjoys presenting images of birds, mammals and field and forest creatures from Siberia and throughout Russia and around the world. She especially likes the world of predators: bears, foxes, eagles, hawks and owls often are subjects of her creations. The subsistence lifestyle of rural Russia is also well represented, with moose, deer, reindeer (caribou) and other animals that residents rely on for their food.


As an outdoor painter, her unique materials using driftwood, along with her attention to detail, color, and form in her realistic depictions of birds and animals of the taiga sets her apart. The Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska is proud to offer her outdoor wildlife paintings in our gallery and on our website.

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