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Alaskan Jewelry

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For over 40 years, the Russian American Company has been representing some of the best jewelry makers and designers in Alaska.  Important and different materials such as jade gemstones, Alaska gold nuggets, and even fossilized mammoth ivory have become known as the unique look of Alaska, and we have Alaska style jewelry for any budget.

Alaska native hand-carved silver jewelry is traditional for the Southeast coastal native tribes, with intricate bracelets, pendants and rings all featuring the totemic style and symbols of the legends of Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian lore. Authentic hand-carved sterling silver tribal jewelry is featured, along with less expensive non-native produced styles.

Natural Alaskan gold nuggets make a statement as a pendant or a matching set of earrings, along with gold crosses both traditional and orthodox.  A huge variety of whale-tail pendants and earrings in all manners of materials and designs are available, and jewelry designs that feature eagles, ravens, orcas, dolphins, puffins, bears and other Alaska wildlife are predominant. Sterling silver designs, with semi-precious stones, mother of pearl inlays, and unique Alaska themed designs can be purchased for anyone with even a limited budget. 

Perhaps the most unusual and exclusive of Alaska jewelry designs are ones that utilize ancient ivory, either fossil walrus tusk or prehistoric wooly mammoth tusk.  Several award-winning jewelry makers are using these rare (and completely legal) ancient ivories that are found on Alaskan lands and then processed into unique pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Contemporary walrus ivory jewelry is also available, with a limited amount of makers because this material can only be used by indigenous tribal artists. However, ancient ivory is available to any jewelry maker, and we have a number of artists who specialize in this unique material.

With literally dozens of jewelry makers specializing in Alaska designs, our store has hundreds of jewelry options. Dress with style and express the uniqueness of jewelry that is different than the usual and average.....choose Alaska!

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