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Fedoskino now employs nearly three hundred artists and scores of highly skilled craftsmen who support their families by producing the uniquely beautiful works of art we call Russian lacquer miniatures.

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 a free market has developed, allowing the artists creative freedom. Thus we find some Fedoskino artists experimenting with form and style and breaking away from some of the strict traditions of the art to create inspired works of the imagination. Fantasy scenes and new interpretations of the classic fairy tales are popular among the current generation of Fedoskino miniature painters. The most talented artists, now free to work for themselves, are selling their work in a new market based on supply and demand. Artists, whose work has gained international exposure through traveling exhibits and the publication of several books on Russian lacquer miniature painting, find they can sell their paintings as quickly as they can produce them. Thus the price of their paintings has increased as new collectors discover the art form and demand now exceeds supply. Many of these artists have been able to purchase new homes and greatly improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

The changes that have taken place since the fall of the old USSR have greatly benefited the artists and craftsmen of Fedoskino and the other lacquer miniature villages of Palekh, Mstera, and Kholui. Collector's of Russian lacquer miniatures have also benifited from these changes, as the quality and creativity of the works produced has improved. Unfortunately, with the new economy in Russia, the prices of the finer works of Russian lacquer miniature art have also increased. No longer can you go to Old Arbat Street in Moscow and trade a pair of blue jeans for a high quality lacquer miniature painting. Today's Russian miniature painters, and those who sell their art, are very knowledgable about the market and the value of their work. It is indeed very difficult to find authentic Russian lacquer miniatures of good quality in Russia today since most of the finer works are sold to exporters berfore the lacquer is even dry. Authentic Fedoskino paintings of high quality are the most difficult to find due to their popularity with North American and Asian collectors.

The Russian American Company works directly with many of Fedoskino's top artists such as Sergei Rogatov, Marina Rogatova, Oleg Shapkin, Sergei Kozlov, Alla Kozlova, Igor Isaev, and Anatoly Kuznetsov. Our experienced buyers visit the artists in their homes and view the progress of the boxes as they are being produced. Many times we have purchased a box before it is finished in order to ensure the acquisition. We are happy to assist collectors with their wish lists.

chess-battle.jpg"Chess Battle" by Anokhin

"Autumn Landscape with Swan" by Sergei Rogatov - 2003

SHOP for Fedoskino lacquer Fedoskino boxes


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