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Mstera Village Lacquer Boxes

Mstera lacquer miniatures come from artists who have graduated from the Mstera school in the village near Moscow, one of the four traditional schools of Russian lacquer art. Painting in tempera on paper-mache, the Mstera lacquer box artists are known for their intricate border work, their pastel color palette, and especially for depictions of floral scenes. Not as widely known as Fedoskino or Palekh lacquer box art, nevertheless Mstera lacquer miniatures are widely collected and an authentic Mstera lacquer box is a great value as a gift, since usually Mstera lacquer boxes are somewhat cheaper than the other 3 traditional villages. But a Mstera art work has everything that the art form offers: tremendous detail, signed one-of-a-kind originals, traditional Russian fairy-tale scenes, and heirloom quality in an authentic Russian lacquer miniature.

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