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Fine Art Matryoshka Nesting Dolls ($100-500)

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Matryoshka dolls of fine art quality.

Although most Russian Nesting Dolls are created as souvenirs and children's dolls, matryoshka dolls at their highest level have also become a type of art that is coveted by collectors of finer art. Some of the best artists in Russia are using matroshkas as a canvas for presenting the most unique and fine-quality painting found anywhere.  Matryoshka dolls can be painted in any style or manner, using any type of paints, including watercolors, tempera, or even oils! Any theme, from landscapes to portraits can be depicted, and many of the contemporary artists are going beyond the traditional subject matter to create original one-of-a-kind nesting doll sets that far surpass what was being produced even 20 years ago. 

Artists in Russia that may have attended the very best art schools to learn painting history and technique, have then applied their talents to creating their fine art in matryoshka doll formats. The preparation time, uniqueness, detail and quality, much like in any art-form really dictates the the value, price, and collectability.  Consider that each nesting doll creation at this level are much like an original painting done for display on a wall, except that there may be 10 or more original paintings in a set!

Each art-quality nesting doll that is featured at the Russian American Company store in Sitka Alaska or on our website has been hand-selected, commissioned, and imported directly from the artists in Russia for over 20 years. Many of our artists create only a handful of these exquisite high-quality matryoshka dolls a year (and may supply them exclusively only to our store) and it is not unusual for the best of our artists to be in high demand.

We specialize in art-quality nesting dolls and represent the very best of the matryoshka doll art form. If you are considering a limited edition or one-of-a-kind set to add to your collection or are interest in Alaskan dolls to give as a gift, please look over our ever-changing selection!