Nutcracker Theme

Nutcracker Theme

Russian Nutcrackers 

 The Nutcracker, the delightfully carved and elegantly costumed painted wooden figurine, has become a symbol of the Christmas holidays, not only in America but also throughout Russia and the world. Many Russian woodcarvers and folk-artists produce unique and unusual Nutcrackers, and as a leading importer of quality Russian gifts and collectables, we always have a fine selection of Russian nutcrackers on hand!


What is the history of the Nutcracker?

According to German folklore, nutcrackers were first created in Germany and given as gifts to families as keepsakes and to bring good luck. These wooden carvings were actually functional devices to crack nuts, and often took the shape of a human soldier, a knight, or royalty such as kings and princes. The practice of carving nutcrackers spread throughout Europe and later, especially after world war II, to the United States. The nutcracker became a symbol of Christmas over 100 years ago, after the German fairy tale by Hoffman was set to music and became a famous ballet. They became most popular in America as Christmas gifts and decorations in the last 50 years, as the popularity of Nutcracker themed Christmas programs in schools and community theaters increased.


Is the Nutcracker Russian?

Although nutcrackers first appeared in Germany, Tchaikovsky the famous Russian composer made them famous worldwide when in 1891 he was commissioned to set to music the classic Christmas story of the Nutcracker, which was adapted into a ballet and performed in the Mariinsky theater in St Petersburg Russia. This widely acclaimed ballet and the music from it has been performed countless times throughout the world, and because of the traditional Russian music, choreography, and costuming is it is known as The Great Russian Nutcracker.


Russian Nutcrackers as Christmas Gifts and Collectables

Nutcrackers have become a collectable symbol of Christmas, and are both mass produced and created by individual artists around the world. Some of the finest come from Russian artists, as the Russian history of quality woodcrafting is unsurpassed. Russian nutcrackers can be carvings in standard dress, or unique and unusual depictions of Russian fairy tale figures, or Russian soldiers and Russian royalty figures. Also, Russian Nutcrackers, and nutcracker themes, can be found both on Russian nesting dolls and Russian Christmas ornaments, all hand-made and uniquely different. The Nutcracker as a symbol of Christmas makes a wonderful Christmas gift; and Russian nutcrackers are one-of-a-kind collectable Christmas gifts!

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