Charoite and Seraphinite Jewelry

Charoite and Seraphinite Jewelry

Charoite JewelryThe Russian American Company presents our exclusive line of rare Charoite jewelry set in sterling silver.

This semi-precious stone comes from the mountains in central Russia where Charoite is found and mined in only one mine in the world, on the Chara River Valley in Siberia. The natural purple color and opalescence of Charoite is prized by designer jewelers, often enhanced by the appearance of flecks of black and veins of silver. One of only a few natural purple gemstones, Charoite is exquisite when polished, set in sterling, and made into jewelry.

Browse our wide variety of Charoite pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklace designs, all set in Sterling Silver, reasonably priced, and exclusive to the Russian American Company.

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