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Alaska Native Artifacts

Alaska Native Artifacts

Indigenous first nations have settled Alaska for well over 3,000 years; and many prehistoric implements, tools and other artifacts made of stone, ivory, bone and antler have survived and turn up on tribal lands around the old village sites. Although many of these find their way into museums, because they are found on private tribal lands they can also be sold commercially to collectors.

The Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska has been working directly with Alaska native artists and native tribes for over 40 years. We have acquired a varied selection of Yupik and Innuipiaq artifacts from the Bering seacoast, some quite rare and distinct.  

Choose from a variety of carved ivory pieces, such as harpoon points (the equivalent of the arrowheads from the tribes of the lower 48 states), fishing hooks, lures and weights in both ivory and whalebone, ivory sled runners and other sled attachments, tools, sewing implements, fire starters, armaments, hunting accessaries and other examples of the prehistoric tools and craftsmanship of these peoples.

Some of these ivory carvings and other pieces are extremely rare and collectable, dating back to the pre-Yupik settlements in BC times.  Our inventory is ever changing, so please inquire what we might have not in our store or listed on our website.

If you are a collector of historical tribal objects, or just like the combination of history and art, acquiring Alaska native artifacts can be richly rewarding.


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