Natalia Trifonova - Grandfather Frost artist

Natalia Trifonova lives in Sergiev Posad, 70 km away from Moscow. She is a teacher, but has been painting for over twenty years. Natalia's favorite themes include Grandfather Frost figurines, Snowmaidens, snowmen and angels.

The carvings are linden wood; over 60% of the initial wood is eliminated in the treating process, so as to ensure only the finest quality wood is used for her art. The wood is then hand carved, which brings a warmth and a bit of the artist's personality into each piece. No cast plaster can ever match the character of a unique carving. The spirit of each piece truly comes alive when the artist's brush begins its work; there are over two thousand brush strokes in each finished piece, which accounts for the rich colors and minute details of each showpiece.

Trifonova's pieces are all one of a kind.

Random House / Grandfather Frost / Alaska Gallery

Russian American Company