Ancient Fossil Ivory and Specimens

Ancient Fossil Ivory and Specimens

For over 40 years, the Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska has been featuring art works by Alaskan artists that utilize ancient fossil ivory: both the tusks of walrus that have been buried underground for hundreds or thousands of years; and also rare woolly mammoth ivory that is occasionally found in northern Alaska where it has remained for over 10,000 years since the last ice age and the demise of the mammoth throughout the arctic. Many of the artists in our gallery use this legal ivory in creating their unique works, such as scrimshaw on mammoth ivory, fossil walrus ivory carvings, ancient ivory jewelry set in sterling, etc.

We also are able to source some of this "raw material" directly from the villages, including whole and partial ancient walrus ivory tusks, and also the most rare and sought after whole mammoth tusks! Our experts, familiar with found Alaskan mammoth ivory, have stabilized and restored these specimens, and each is a unique one of a kind. We sometimes supply ancient ivory, both mammoth and walrus, to our knife makers for scales and to our scrimshaw artists and jewelry makers.

But many pieces of ancient ivory are just too rare and special to be made into something; instead they are more valuable to collectors of fossil specimens or folks (like us) who really like old bones, and prehistoric examples of ancient Alaska! We work hard to source and have for sale whole mammoth tusks; some made into art, but others in their natural form, as well as ancient walrus tusks, some polished to display the unbelievable coloration from mineral absorption after thousands of years underground.

In addition we offer fossil ivory artifacts, specimens of ancient mammoth bone, whole mammoth teeth or cut and polished mammoth teeth slabs! Mammoth teeth are hard enamel and have survived thousands of years in Alaskan permafrost; we have a huge selection including teeth intact in mammoth jawbones; and on display a complete mammoth skull with tusks!

If you cannot visit our store in person, please check our website for an ever changing inventory of ancient fossil ivory specimens: fossil walrus tusks, and whole mammoth tusks and teeth!

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