Angel Theme

Angel Theme

Russian angel theme Christmas gifts and collectables.


Nothing represents Christmas better than angels, and the folk-artists in Russia are creating a variety of angle-themed works to delight any collector or seeker of Christmas decorations. First and foremost, the hand-carved Russian angel figurines that these skilled artists are producing are carved from European linden wood, kiln dried, and then painted to perfection!  Add to that a selection of hand-made Russian angel Christmas ornaments to dress up any tree; and then under the tree perhaps a gift of an exquisitely painted Russian nesting doll, the ultimate angel Matryoshka! Also unforgettable are Christmas scenes and angels finely painted on traditional Russian lacquered miniatures, along with the painted  icons of the church that are so important in the old country Christmas.


The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas with song and ceremony throughout Russia, and hand made angel decorations are found throughout private homes, as the spirit of Christmas prevails. These unique one-of-a-kind creations make wonderful Christmas gifts, and the Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska offers a huge selection of Christmas ornaments, angel themed nesting dolls, nativity sets, and other unique Christmas gifts and collectables.


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