Churkina, Olga Viktorovna – Fine Art Matryoshkas

Olga was born on the 24th of July in 1959, in a town called Fryazino, on the outskirts of Moscow. She finished high school, then studied in a small, career specific school, and in 1977 became a stenographer and typist. Her job as a stenographer happened to be for the Ministry of Culture, and she became interested in Russian Art. In 1978 she began studying Folk Art, and in 1992 started taking lessons in painting. In 1993 she studied with the famous Matryoshka artist, Tatyana Rolina, and in 1995 began to paint her own Matryoshkas. She quickly gained recognition for her creativity, and the simple elegant beauty of her dolls. Olga's style is not imitated by any other artist, and her creations stand alone as a unique combination of traditional design and modern creativity.

Random House / Grandfather Frost / Alaska Gallery

Russian American Company