Faberge Jewelry

Peter Carl Faberge, imperial jeweler to the Czars of Russia, created his unique artistic creations in the late 1800's by employing the most gifted work-masters from goldsmiths and designers that warranted the Faberge trade mark, and were eventually coveted and collected around the world. The Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska in the past was an authorized dealer for Faberge and their exclusive creator Victor Mayer work masters. Victor Mayer and his team of Germany's finest jewelers were authorized by the Faberge brand owners to recreate unique fine jewelry pieces using the exacting techniques and quality demanded by of the original Faberge. No longer widely available, as the Faberge brand has evolved, we still have a limited existing inventory of this authentic branded 18K contemporary Faberge jewelry in white, yellow or rose gold creations.

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Shop now for a limited time only as our supply of beautiful authentic and contemporary Faberge Jewelry at the Russian American Company will not last. Whether you are looking for pendants, necklaces, earrings, or rings for yourself or your loved one, we have many beautiful selections of 18K Faberge jewelry pieces. We also have extensive information on Faberge Jewelry History you can read to learn more!

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