Faberge Collection

Peter Carl Faberge, imperial jeweler to the Czars of Russia, created his unique artistic creations in the late 1800's by employing the most gifted work-masters,jewelers, goldsmiths and designers that warranted the Faberge trade mark, and were eventually coveted and collected around the world. Although known most notably for the imperial or "Royal Eggs" which were indeed produced solely for the Czars and now almost all reside in museums around the world, the Faberge workshop created hundreds of styles of not only jewelry, but also decorative arts of all kinds. From sterling silver dinnerware and tea-sets, to clocks and cigarette cases, elegant samovars, picture frames, letter-openers, etc, all were produced and branded with the coveted Faberge name.

Our store occasionally has pre-revolutionary Russian antiques, including Faberge, in stock. These are becoming increasingly more rare and expensive.

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