Grandfather Frost - Russian Santa Claus

Grandfather Frost - Russian Santa Claus

Grandfather Frost, the Russian Santa Claus


Who are Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden?

In Russia, Santa Clause is traditionally called Grandfather Frost; and he travels throughout the land on Christmas delivering gifts with his granddaughter Snegurochka also known as the Snow Maiden. Russian folk tales abound with Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka in all kinds of adventures, and Russian Christmas decorations and gifts feature the Russian Santa Claus and his beautiful granddaughter prominently.


Traditional Russian Grandfather Frost and Snowmaiden Christmas themes can be found on nesting dolls, ornaments, and other Russian crafts, but nothing expresses Russian Christmas better than hand-carved Russian Grandfather Frost figurines, which we have directly imported for our inventory for over 30 years.

These wooden Russian Santa figurines are carved one at a time out of linden wood that has been selected, kiln dried, and sanded to perfection by skilled carvers before they are painted by a variety of Russian artists. Each artist has their own individual style, and the range of colors, themes, and costumes for Grandfather Frost and the Snowmaiden figurines are limitless.

The price ranges on hand-carved Santas in our store range from quite affordable smaller pieces, carved and painted in traditional red or blue,up to large intricately carved and painted Grandfather Frost masterpieces with minute detail, extravagant winter wildlife or country scenes, featuring costumes using real gold leaf, that might cost much more....

The most exclusive of our Russian artists that carve and paint our Grandfather Frost and Snowmaiden figures create only a few of these one-of-a-kind collectables. Many work exclusively for our store, and the best works are in high demand. In todays world, where much is poured out of plastic or stamped out by a machine, you can return to old world Christmas with a traditional Russian Grandfather Frost figurine, hand-crafted one at a time and imported directly into our store, uniquely collectable Christmas gift.

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