Religious Theme Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Religious Theme Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Since the beginnings of the nesting doll art form in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church and it’s traditions have had a profound influence on the artistic creations of the matryoshka doll artists community. Many traditional orthodox icons have been painted on nesting doll sets; as have the wonderful architecture and grandeur of the orthodox churches found in nearly every town and village. The selection of Russian nesting doll religious art themes and Russian orthodox church themes and Russian icon themes are numerous and found throughout the price ranges in our store.

Religious and Christmas-themed Nesting Doll Gift Sets

Ever more popular Russian collectibles are also the Easter nesting doll sets and the most popular Christmas nesting doll gift sets offered in a variety of styles and sizes: Traditional Santa Claus nesting dolls sets, (also known as Grandfather Frost matryoshkas), are found in every color and costume; Unique one-of-a-kind Christmas stacking doll sets include nutcracker nesting dolls and numerous nesting doll sets featuring scenes from Russian Christmas fairy tales. Christmas nesting dolls make wonderful Christmas gifts for young and old alike. The Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska offers the best religious and Christmas themed nesting doll gift selection found anywhere in America!

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