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Zhostovo Floral creations

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Zhostovo Floral Trays, Jewelry and Samovars


These unique lacquered pieces of folk-art decorated with their traditional painting style originated in the small village of Zhostovo, located 15 miles from Moscow. The artists of Zhostovo have been known for their floral-motif lacquer painting since early 1800's when lacquer on metal-craft, especially tray painting, began commercially. From this tradition, Zhostovo style floral painting spread to other craft items such as jewelry, boxes, tableware, samovars, etc.  It is a rare household in Russia that does not have at least one piece of Zhostovo art, and the traditional floral patterns created in the village are recognizable around the world.

The rich colors of black, red, green and white are often highlighted with gold, and the polished clear lacquer that is used to protect the painting is rich in shine and luster. Highly decorative, Zhostovo floral folk-art is both practical and great for display. For instance, a hand-painted Zhostovo tray can be used for an elegant setting for Russian tea serving, or mounted for use as a wondrous piece of wall-art.

The trays and larger and more sophisticated art-works from Zhostovo are all one-of a-kind originals, and signed by the artists who create them. Lesser works, like wooden and acrylic brooches and barrettes with their delightful lacquered floral patterns can be quite inexpensive and great gifts for family. 

Zhostovo patterned floral painted samovars are also being produced today in Russia; and a samovar tea-set serving on an elegant Zhostova painted tray is a distinctive gift for any discriminating collector of traditional Russian folk-art.

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