Nativity Theme

Nativity Theme


Russian Nativity


All across the world Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, and Russia, with its history of the Russian Orthodox Church going back for centuries, is no exception. Russian nativity scenes appear around Christmas time in churchyards and private homes, but also this joyous time is preserved in traditional Russian folk art: not only nativity sets carved from wood and intricately painted, but you can also find beautiful Nesting doll nativity sets, lacquer box nativity scenes, and other collectable nativity gifts hand-made in Russia.

Perhaps the most unique Russian nativity scenes are painted on the traditional matryoshka dolls. Limited only by the skills of the artist, these highly collectable nativities can be painted on nesting doll sets from 3 to 20 pieces, a celebration of the season unlike no other from a country where religion was once persecuted but now mainstream again. 

The Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska has been directly importing Russian nativity sets and painted nativity scenes on a variety of mediums and styles for over 30 years. Select from our large inventory, and add a unique and delightful Russian nativity to your collection today!



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