Ulu Knife with Fossilized Walrus Ivory Artifact Handle

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This Alaskan Native ulu knife was handcrafted by artist Leroy Barlip III. He Combines art and craftsmanship for a beautiful but useful tool. This knife features a handle made of an Ancient Alaskan artifact - sled runner, it was used several hundred years ago. This is walrus ivory, almost 6.25″ long. It comes with a nice base so you can display it in your kitchen when not in use. Leroy intends for these knives to be used, not just for decoration.
Ancient walrus tusk sled runner fragment approximately 500 – 1500 years old. Excavated from ancient hunting camps in the Northern Bering Sea area, this ivory has beautiful color (the result of minerals that have been absorbed into the ivory over hundreds of years). This piece was used as a tool and bears the marks of ancient man.

Leroy Barlip III was born in Glennallen, Alaska and raised in the Indian village of Gulkana. Leroy is noted for his Alaska Native Ulu knives.