Fossil Walrus Ivory Owl Carving

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Designed by Lee Downey

Fossil Walrus Ivory Owl Carving. A carving of the owl beautifully utilizes both the shape of the walrus tusk from which the work was carved and the natural color variations produced by mineral seepage into the fossilized walrus ivory during thousands of years of burial in permafrost. Measures 10" long.
Indonesia-based, American-born artist, sculptor, and paleo-naturalist Lee Downey has been designing spatially-dynamic and compelling works of decorative sculpture for more than four decades. Lee Downey is especially known for his intricately detailed works based on natural subjects. Since 1984, Lee has based his home and studio in the village of Tampaksiring, Bali (Indonesia), an ancient place of history and spirituality, and the center of an important archaeological site.

Approx. 17"x5"x5".