Russian Beauty | Fedoskino Lacquer Box

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Elena Aldoshkina, well-known Fedoskino artist, has created this attractive box.
Elena has elaborated her own style of painting; her unique boxes can be recognized by a beautiful palette; by adherence to depiction of scenes from peasant life and by distinctively painted attractive characters.
The box shows beautiful young maiden staying among the fall trees.  She holds a basket filled with bright red, ripe ash berries. A bright palette filled with greens, blues and powerful reds is enhanced by gold metal paint that shines beautifully through the oils. The scene is painted in the distinctive Aldoshkina's style. The palette also includes various shades of blue and grey oils, and the details are enhanced with brilliant gold paint.
The scene is framed with a lustrous gold band; another gold band wraps around the box's sides. The box's exterior is covered with a black lacquer mixed with gold dust; the interior is traditionally red.
The box is made out of paper-mache. The lid is hinged from the left of the scene, and the box rests on a flat bottom. Signed with the artist's name and the village of Fedoskino at the buttom of the painting.
Approx. 4.75"X3.5"x1.75".