Kazanskaya Madonna | Russian Icon

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A traditional antique Russian icon with the figure of the Kazanaskaya Mother of God with a heavily gilt silver riza. This icon was purchased from the Soviet government in the 1970s and has certificate #24172 from the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Culture certifying age and authenticity. Dated to circa 19th Century and at least 100 years old at time of purchase. The icon measures 10.5" wide and 12.5" tall. The riza is marked with a silver mark  "84"  a maker's  mark (P.T.) and a right facing kokoshnik with triangle. The lower edge of the riza also has a full maker's mark for the V.S. Krestyaninov Factory, Moscow. The painting has been touched up in two places on the Madonna's face and there is some minor chipping of the paint where the riza has rubbed against the panel. The wood panel is covered at the back with faded red velvet.