Agate Bear | Bronze and Soapstone

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Wildlife Artist, Jon Pust, got the inspiration for his artwork, because of his love for the beautiful Alaska wilderness. Living in Alaska has given hi the chance to observe most of her majestic wildlife fist hand. He tries to capture the grace, power and beauty of the animals in his stone and bronze art. Very large and beautiful agate bear with alabaster and red soapstone fish.

 Dimension: 8" long, 4" wide and 6.25" tall.
Materials: Honey agate, red soapstone, Alabaster

Jon Pust comes from a family filled with musicians and artists, including a couple of cousins who are "top notch painters." Pust used to work construction and drove some truck, but after he taught himself how to carve soapstone and alabaster into wildlife it suddenly became his career. After seeing some soapstone carvings with his wife Dawn, she challenged Pust to try his hand at the craft.
He mainly works with soapstone. His work is very representative of Alaska and he's become known for his bear carvings spending about 90 percent of his time creating them.
"I enjoy the challenge; bears are a little harder to do." The Bear has a carved artist signature on one of his legs.