Eagle with Head Down by Aaron Barrett | Bronze and Soapstone

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This is a unique work of talented artist Aaron Barrett. He is one of the most gifted artists in the Northwest and Alaska whose love for nature has given him the special ability to breathe life into his carvings.

 Dimension: 3.5" long, 4" wide and 7" tall. Brazilian soapstone.

Artist Aaron Barrett was born in Wyoming and moved to Alaska when he was 6.  He has been sketching and drawing wildlife since he was a child.  He never received any formal art training.  In 2002, he learned how to carve from his good friend, Kent Heindel, one of the best in the trade.  For 11 years, Aaron has been capturing the rugged beauty and grace of the wildlife of his beloved home state of Alaska, in the pieces he carves.  His favorite subject matter is the grizzly bear, but he also enjoys carving walrus, eagles, salmon, whales, moose, polar bears and many other wildlife.  He also loves the Native Alaskan culture and enjoys depicting scenes of life long ago in the Arctic.