Waterfalls Cognac Amber Necklace | Baltic Amber

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Our Amber comes from the Baltic Sea, the best source for quality amber; Baltic Amber is 40-60 million years old and has over 200 various shades found in nature! It is boiled in oil to harden for everyday wear. We are direct importers, and offer the best current prices.
Be extraordinary, in this breathtaking necklace of natural amber gemstones flowing into a waterfall silhouette. Warm, glowing amber is fossilized resin which formed from ancient evergreen trees over millions of years; it was regarded by age-old cultures as "the stone of courage" and believed to have healing, protective properties.
Necklace is about 32" (80 cm) long and has an extension 2".  Large central piece  measure approx. 3"x2". Imported from Russia. Total weight - 32.3 gr.