Three Whales Totem by Eugene Romanenko | Whalebone / Walrus Jawbone Carving

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WHALEBONE carving or sculpture is a rarity and regional to the Northwest and the Arctic. It is rarely found anywhere else. Fossil whalebone carving of three whales totem by Alaskan Russian artist Eugene Romanenko.

Approx. 42"H(w/base) x 6"W x 5"L.

Eugene Romanenko was born Aug. 3rd, 1963 in Syberia, Russia. At age 18 he joined the Russian military and served as a border guard on the Chuicotka peninsula, 65 miles from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. After his military service he worked as a finish carpenter, while honing these skills he was introduced to native carving and was captured by its beauty. He uses exotic materials from north Alaska and incorporates native legends and mythology in his work. He began to sell his carvings commercially in 1984 and his work can be found in galleries throughout Alaska. He is currently living and working in Anchorage, Alaska.