Russian Samovars

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Samovars and tea-drinking are an indispensable element of Russian culture. A samovar is a device traditionally used to heat and boil water for tea. The word samovar in Russian is derived from "сам" meaning self and "варить" meaning to boil.

Герб Фрайкопф (Gerb Fraykopf). Russia (St Petersburg): ICAR, 1995. RUSSIAN TEXT.  High quality color photographs throughout, many full page. 62 pages. Softcover with French flaps. A catalog of samovars and related items from E. Andreeva-Arend plus some from  P. Kvaskov, V. Varfolomeyev and Ya. Basin. Also included are samovars from the private collection of Andrei A. Lobanov (Андрей Андреевич Лобанов)