Russian Bulat Knife - "Ezhik" - Karelian Birch

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Product Overview

Blade steel - Bulat cast
Total length - 8.5".
Blade length - 4".
Blade hardness 64 HRC
The knife handle is made of Karelian birch. Karelian birch - wood from the burl of birch. It is distinguished by a beautiful pattern and strength. Can be dark brown inclusions on a light yellow background. In addition to its high strength, it is practically not subject to corrosion at all.
In Russia, chronicles record the use of a material known as bulat steel to make highly valued weapons, including swords, knives, and axes. Tsar Michael of Russia reportedly had a bulat helmet made for him in 1621. The exact origin or the manufacturing process of the bulat is unknown, but it was likely imported to Russia via Persia and Turkestan, and it was similar and possibly the same as Damascus steel.
Hand made in Vorsma, Russia. Aleksei Zhbanov's workshop. Leather sheath Included.