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Raw Baltic amber necklace features butterscotch amber nuggets. Only the world’s finest Baltic amber (Succinite) contains anywhere up to 8% of Succinic acid per weight, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine, playing a vital role in the citric acid cycle – an energy-yielding process in every living organism. This is what graces Baltic amber with such incredible powers of healing, anti-inflammatory properties, immunity enhancement, stress/pain relief. The outer layer (cortex) of natural unprocessed Baltic amber contains the highest amount of this powerful nature’s healer providing the wearer with healing, anti-inflammatory, immunity enhancing, stress, and pain-relieving properties. Coloring may slightly vary from necklace to necklace, due to the naturally occurring variations in Baltic amber.

Our Amber comes from the Baltic Sea, the best source for quality amber; Baltic Amber is 40-60 million years old and has over 200 various shades found in nature! It is boiled in oil to harden for everyday wear. We are direct importers, and offer the best current prices.

Necklace is about 20" long (50cm).