Mother and Child Mask by Harvey Weyiouwanna | Alaska Whalebone / Fur Mask

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This beautiful mask was carved from old whalebone by Harvey Weyiouwanna of Shishmaref, Alaska (Culture - Inupiaq). Shishmaref is a city in the Nome Census Area, Alaska, United States. It is located on Sarichef Island in the Chukchi Sea, just north of the Bering Strait and five miles from the mainland.
Harvey has carved for many years and is a master carver. He carves from ivory tusks of walrus, walrus bone and whalebone, and trims with baleen from Bowhead whales.
The whalebone mask is about 7.5"x10". Mask is 1.5" thick.Materials - whalebone, walrus ivory, baleen.
Harvey signed back of the mask. It would make a great addition to a collection or a real surprise and very unique gift for someone special from a very remote part of the U.S.