Morning in the Pine Woods by Smirnova | Fedoskino Lacquer Box

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This box was painted by  Fedoskino artist - Smirnova. "Morning in the Pine Woods" as this work is entitled was originally painted on canvas by Ivan Shishkin.

Exhibited in the Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery, it is one of the most popular pieces viewed in the entire museum. It has become something of a national symbol for Russia, which lacquer miniature artists were quick to adopt into their work.
Painted originally in 1889, the scene shows a mother bear watching her three cubs playing on the fallen trunk of a tree. The landscape, executed in transparent technique, presents real Russian impenetrable thickets with mighty firs and pines, lacy foliage and lush grass.

The box is constructed from paper-mache and top painted on mother of pearl.  Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The box has a hinge from the top of the scene and rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed by the artist.

Approx. 5.75"x3.75"x1.25".