Matched Set mammoth tusks, artwork by George Vukson | Scrimshaw

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A beautiful matched set of whole natural tusks from a baby mammoth found by gold miners in the Yukon Territory. Matched sets of mammoth ivory tusks from the same animal are extremely rare, and even rarer are sets from such a small juvenile! 
Hand-scrimshaw scenes with fishing bears and walking mammoths; the tusks were buffed down through the mineralized and colored "bark" to expose the natural white ivory for the scrimshaw.
Brilliant composition and work by Vukson on this scrimshaw. Nice natural colors enhance the ancient mammoth tusks, the result of minerals that were absorbed into the ivory when it was buried for over 10,000 years.

Mounted on walnut bases, the ivory tusks are approx. 24" and 23" long. The bases are 16" long.
Signed by the artist.

A truly rare and remarkable work, this set is for a discriminating collector who appreciates it's unique one-of-a-kind representation of natural history and art!