Imperial Coronation Faberge Style Egg - Pink Small

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This elegant jewelry box is crafted in Saint Petersburg, Russia in the style of the famous jeweler Carl Fabergé. This beautiful decorated egg box will look wonderfully stylish practically everywhere in your house, from a bookshelf, to a coffee table, to a mantle over your fireplace, beautifully adding to the interior decor around it. This sparkling egg is adorned with clear crystals and high-polished enamel with golden trim. It opens on a hinge and has a magnetic closure to keep the box securely shut. The piece also comes in a beautiful gift box.

Imperial Coronation Egg is truly one of the most fanciful and well known of all the Imperial Eggs. Given by Czar Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1897, on the first Easter following their Coronation, this egg is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The egg itself is enameled a lustrous translucent red on an engraved starburst field trellised with bands of laurel. Gold double-headed eagles of the Romanov family crest, set with crystal are perched at each intersection. The surprise inside the egg is a replica of the Imperial Coronation coach in which the Empress rode to the ceremony.

 Handmade in Russia, Approx. 2.5" tall.