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The Grizzly Bear is regarded as the most sacred of all animal totems, embodying strength and power. He is the Spirit Keeper of the west, the direction of adulthood, the strongest phase of life. Autumn, sunset, harvest and the physical aspect of our own nature are all from the west. The magic of the west is shape shifting and Grizzly is known to walk the path between the spirit and the physical, unafraid and unrestricted. Fearless and courageous, Grizzly has been long associated with great wisdom and insight to healing and protection. Hunted to near extinction, Grizzlies are now making a comeback in the lower 48, albeit slowly due to their need for vast wilderness expanses and slow breeding habits.

Sculpture Size: 4"T X 7.5"L x 2"W.

Grizzly Bear Mama.

Grizzly Bear Baby.