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The elegance, quality and style of Robert Cutler's signature work may be found in time honored institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute.
Robert Cutler is a very experienced wood craftsman. He specializes in domestic and exotic woodworking. Most of his customized jewelry, knives and bowls are inlaid with moose antlers, silver, copper and brass.

This beautiful necklace was handmade using prehistoric walrus ivory found in Alaska. Fossil Walrus Ivory necklace with .925 Sterling Silver. Length of pendant - 4.75", chain - 24". Back side is sterling silver and wood. Necklace is signed by Robert Cutler. This necklace can make very good set with this pair of earrings

This fossil walrus ivory comes from the village of Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island, approximately 200 miles from Nome and 40 miles from Russia.
One of a kind