Flying Carpet by Kovaleva | Kholui Lacquer Box

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With imagination and skill combined, the famous Kholui artist Svetlana Kovaleva has created this stunning box.
The box shows an episode from the fairy-tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Firebird". Here we can see Ivan Tsarevich and Princess Elena flying on the magic carpet. Mother-of-pearl shines through the Princess's dress, the sky and the moon. Gold metal leaf creates brilliance of the cupolas of the depicted churches and ornaments on the characters' clothes. The scene is painted in gold and red colors with dark blue background.
The composition is framed with rich golden ornamentation. The box is made out of paper-mache, and covered with black lacquer.The interior is painted red. The box is hinged at the left of the composition, and rests on four round legs. The work is titled, signed by the artist.  Miniature painted in the traditional manner on the Mother-of-pearl background.
Approx. 6.75"x6"x2".