Bear Pendant - Fossilized Mammoth Ivory

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Product Overview

Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Bear Pendant. This pendant celebrates the playful side of bears. Bear cubs are known for their rambunctious play and are a joy to watch. The abundant play among bear cubs is believed to aid in motor skill development, social skills, to strengthen social bonds, and practice every days skills like hunting.
The material for the bear is fossilized mammoth ivory, which is tens of thousands of years old. It has lain buried in the permafrost for thousands of years until brought to light by erosion. Fossilized mammoth ivory is a finite material and prized for its soft cream color that makes it ideal for fine heirloom jewelry.

  • Hand carved fossilized mammoth ivory bear
  • Sterling silver detailing
  • .625" x 1.5"
  • No chain