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   This is a hand-engraved .925 sterling silver American Totemic Indian cuff bracelet. Created by Northwest Coast Native artist, Travis Henry, this is a quintessentially West Coast jewelry item that makes a great gift. Your purchase will come with an artist biography. This cuff bracelet measures 1" wide and 6" long; therefore, it will fit a wrist between 6 1/4" - 6 3/4" in circumference. The shape of the cuff can easily be adjusted, and 6" long fits most average-sized adults. It is signed on the inside.
Travis has been carving since 1982. He apprenticed with Patrick Seaweed for three months in 1987 and also worked with his brother Graham for six years. Travis carves silver and silver/gold combination jewellery including bracelets, rings, pins and pendants. He works in a Kwakwaka'wakw style since he has been living on Vancouver Island for most of his life.

Northwest coast Indians referred to Bears as “Elder Kinsman” because of their powers and human-like qualities. Bears were often killed and taken to the Chief’s house and treated as guests. The Bear is featured in many works of art, legends and superstitions.