Bear Bride and Groom 3 Piece Matryoshka | Alaska Theme Matryoshka Nesting Doll

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Sergei's matryoshki are some of the most original in Russia.  Sergei Koblov was born and grew up near Oekhovo-Zuyevo,a half hour's drive east of Moscow.He graduated from the prestigious Bauman Higher Technical School in Moscow as an electrical engineer
   Like many folk artists,Sergei is proud of his techniques.He makes his own carving tools and his own paints,which are completely nontoxic and harmless to the environment.Sergei uses ancient recipes to make his paint and will not divulge the ingredients or the methods that he uses to prepare them.
 This remarkable Russian stacking doll demonstrates the best in Russian craft.  Artist Sergei Koblov employs his skills at relief carving to make this matryoshka an elegant piece of folk art for you. Very nicely detailed painting on this three nest bride and groom bears set. Matte finish adds a velvety look to the bright colors.The largest doll measures approximately 4.5" tall. Hand painted and signed by artist - Sergei Koblov.