Antique Tlingit Native Hand Woven Basket with Birds

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This is a wonderful antique Tlingit native hand woven basket. Extremely fine work with three colors and birds design. This basket is approximately 4.25" tall by 5" in diameter.  The basket in a very good condition.
The Tlingit are famous for their fine, closed twined basketry of spruce root and bear grass (natural and dyed). The Tlingit of southeast Alaska have produced some of the finest examples of two-strand twining; their spruce root baskets exhibit bold geometric designs in warm hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown. In spring and fall, women collected the young roots of the Sitka Spruce. The bark is peeled from the roots, which are left to cure over the summer. Then they are split and ready for weaving. Natural dyes were obtained from local materials such as huckleberry, sulphuric mud, moss, hemlock bark, and alder bark.