Alaska's Totem Poles by Pat Kramer - Paperback

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Through the mists of Alaska's rain forest, totem poles have stood watch for untold generations. Imbued with mystery to outsider eyes, the fierce, carved symbols silently spoke of territories, legends, memorials, and paid debts. Today many of these cultural icons are preserved for the public to enjoy in heritage parks and historical centers through southeast Alaska.
In this newly revised edition of Alaska's Totem Poles, readers learn about the history and use of totems, clan crests, symbolism, and much more. A special section describes where to go to view totems. Author Pat Kramer traveled throughout the homelands of the Totem People―along Alaska's Panhandle, the coast of British Columbia, and into the Northwest―meeting the people, learning their stores, and researching and photographing totem poles. Foreword writer David A. Boxley also offers the unique perspective of a Native Alaskan carver who has been a leader in the renaissance.
This is a handy guide for travelers in Southeast Alaska who want to learn more about Alaska's totems. There's even a guide of where to view totems in the state. Ravens, killer whales (Orca) and bears... they're all represented in the totem.

104 pages.