Edward Lawrence Fossil Walrus Ivory Pendant

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This beautiful  one of a kind pendant was handmade using prehistoric walrus ivory which was found in Alaska. For over 5,000 years Eskimos in the coastal villages along the Bering Sea fashioned sled runners, net weights, chopping tools and other utensils out of readily available ivory. That ivory became hidden from the world for centuries.  Minerals absorbed from the surrounding soil have given the buried ivory beautiful natural tones of cream, brown, green and black.
Length- 2.5".   Comes with a Fossil Ivory information card. Set in silver 925. Signed by the artist.

Edward Lawrence has been a craftsman all his life. The bulk of the collection is made out of fossil walrus artifacts from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Amongst harpoon tips, sewing needles, and ice testers, you will also find ancient game pieces and ornate buttons.