Salmon Patties and Rosehip Pie Cookbook

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Salmon Patties and Rosehip Pie Cookbook : Art, Food, and the Coastal Life in Halibut Cove, Alaska by Marian T. Beck. "Salmon Patties and Rosehip Pie Cookbook" presents over sixty recipes that are simple to prepare and delicious, and many feature seafood available right outside the Saltry s front door, like Lucinda s Baked Oysters and Kachemak Bay Blue Mussels. The recipes read like a conversation with a friendly and helpful cook, with gentle reminders to keep an eye on the amount of liquid in the mussel pot, and to be careful not to overcook the cioppino.Far more than a collection of recipes, this book is also a showcase for Beck s vibrant artwork. Narrative captions accompany each of the thirty illustrations and provide a glimpse into the unusual aspects of living in Halibut Cove, such as gathering your own coal from the beach and clamming in the middle of the night when winter s minus tides fall."