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This steel type consists of a large number of layers of more than one type of steel, forged and fused together to create a monogamous medium. For example, two different types of steel in variable ratios (one being high carbon steel and the other being low carbon steel) are heated and forged together. The steel is «worked» or beaten and folded, then beaten again and folded again, causing a «layered» effect. There can be as many as 200 to 1200 layers of two different types of steel in a Damascus blade. This results in a fusion of different steels and also a fusion of the benefits of those different steels. Typically, the high Carbon steel has a hardness of 55-62 HRC while the lower Carbon steel will be in the 47-52 HRC range. This combining of the steels has the effect of producing a blade that is both strong and flexible with nearly perfect edge-holding ability.Damascus, while almost being the perfect steel will however rust without oiling and maintenance to prevent corrosion.

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