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Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Seven Lucky Gods

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Product Description

This is an Amazing Set Of Japan Seven Lucky Gods Netsukes on Wooden Bridge.
Each netsuke was made out from High quality raw Mammoth ivory Tusk. Seven Lucky Gods, refer to the seven gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and folklore. They used to travel together on their treasure shipand dispense happiness to believers. Each deity existed independently & have is own power & a lot of symbolism. Lets meet with the Seven Lucky gods:

From left to the right

Benzaiten - Goddess of Music, Poetry, Learning, Art River Goddess, Protector of the Nation, Patron of Children. Benzaiten is the sole female among the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. Her temples and shrines are almost invariably in the neighborhood of water -- the sea, a river, or a pond. She is the patroness of music, the fine arts (dancing, acting, visual), and good fortune in general.

Daikoku - God of Wealth, Farmers, Agriculture, Rice, & Kitchen. Daikoku has been most widely known as the Japanese god of wealth and farmers.

Hotei - Hotei is known as the Fat Buddha or Laughing Buddha in the West. Hotei is the fat God of Abundance, contentment and happiness.

Fukurokuju - God of Wisdom, Wealth, Longevity. The bearded Fukurokuju has an unusually high forehead, and is typically holding a cane with sutra scroll.

Bishamonten(Bishamon) -  Bishamon is the god of warriors (but not of war) and prayed to for victory prior to battle. He is also a god of defense against foreign invaders, a deity of healing with the power to save emperors from life-threatening illness and to expel demons of plague to keep personal enemies at bay and to reward followers with riches, good fortune and even children.

Jurolin - God of Longevity. Jurojin is often identified with Fukurokuju. In some traditions, the two are said to inhabit the same body.

Ebusi - God of Good Fortune, the Ocean, and Fishing Folk. Also Deity of Honest Labor & Patron of Laborers. Today he symbolizes not only safe sailing and plentiful fishing, but business prosperity for merchants in all trades.

God Measurements:
Width: 1.4", Height: 1.8", Length: 1.2"

Measurements of wood stand:
Width: 11.2", Height: 2", Length: 1.3". 



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